Cyber Security

Give Your Business The Resilience It Needs To Succeed

We don’t believe in marking our own homework and so we have invested in a market-leading cyber security company. Our dedicated Cyber Security sister company, Cyber Security Associates (CSA), is led by the best cyber specialists in the market. This separation, with its own leadership, allows CSA to be arm’s length from our IT managed services and ensures an independent review of anything we provide.

Cyber Assessments

The Partner You Need To Uncover And Address Hidden Gaps In Your Security

To successfully protect your business, whether large or small, against cyber threats, it’s essential that you begin by identifying where your security weaknesses lie. At CSA we believe undertaking a full cyber risk assessment is an essential part of any organisation’s management strategy which is why we make it a priority for our clients. From there we will work with you to build a robust and personalised plan of action with effective mitigation and protection that is suited to your needs.


The need for enlightened governance

Navigating the cyber security landscape can be daunting without the right expertise. Consulting services from CSA can help you navigate this evolving landscape and avoid the pitfalls that many businesses fall into.

From bespoke policy development and incident response, all the way to the creation and implementation of a tailored cyber security management framework, CSA is here to keep you, your business and your data secure.

Cyber Executives

A Service From Your Trusted Security Partners At CSA

The team at CSA includes certified Information Security and Data Security professionals who can offer organisations advice and guidance when it is unaffordable or simply unnecessary to employ an individual full-time.

CSA can provide cyber executives both remotely and on-site in the following core roles

Security Operations Centre

Keep Your Organisation Secure With A Trusted, Managed SOC

Providing Real-Time Context, Visibility and Control

Advanced 24/7 cyber protection from CSA’s SOC as a Service, proactively protects your business against cyber threats to maximise business protection and minimise business risk. Utilising industry leading technology, expert insights and remediation excellence, we can monitor existing security infrastructure and devices alerting you to ALL confirmed incidents to keep your business and data secure.

Monitoring & Detection

A Proactive Approach To The Evolving Cyber Threat

You can’t defend what you can’t detect, we provide an extensive solution that encompasses external threat intelligence monitoring and incident detection to provide real-time alerts across your technology stack.


Keeping Your Private Data Private

Primary Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP) of AppGuard in the UK, providing real-time protection against all endpoint and server ransomware and malware with a patented solution.


Expert and friendly training to develop a cyber-secure culture within your organisation

CSA’s team has the ability and knowledge to deal with any cyber attack from advanced targeted attacks to less sophisticated attacks that bypass your existing security infrastructure. In the unfortunate event of a cyber attack, it is essential to get the right support quickly to get a clear understanding of the situation and control the breach in order to put in place an effective incident response plan.


Fast, Effective Response When You Need It

The best way to avoid a cyber attack is to equip yourself and your company’s workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve overall cyber security awareness and hygiene. CSA training helps you add to your toolbox so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your business is armed against cyber attack.

Efficiency In Everything We Do To Leave You To Focus On Your Core Business

When working with our experts at CSA, you receive enterprise-grade security and compliance on day one.

CSA can work with your in house IT team and security solution or our IT Managed Service Security, with solutions that are easy to scale as your company grows, to enable you to maintain complete protection for your business at all times.