TM Lewin

T.M Lewin trust FluidOne down-under

New venture and expansion to Australia with a need for remote management meant the choice of supplier was easy for TM Lewin.

Client: T.M Lewin

Key products:

  • IPsec VPN
  • Managed MPLS
  • Wi-Fi network


Menswear retailer, TM Lewin is one of FluidOne’s oldest customers. When they expanded into Australia, they needed a flexible and agile connectivity solution. These new Australian stores’ till and stock systems continually communicate with the UK head office, quality and reliability is vital.

FluidOne has made it possible to connect seamlessly into a stable Australian Data MPLS critical for TM Lewin’s success. They have been excellent in delivery – both in the UK and Australia – ensuring the network simply worked first time.

Paul Huntington, Head of IT



FluidOne put in place an IPsec VPN to the UK-based network as a simple and cost-effective solution. This was supported by a managed MPLS Network in Australia to ensure seamless connectivity with head office. Here the Wi-Fi network bandwidth was upgraded to cope with employee reliance on mobile.

Timely implementation was also important to avoid financial and reputational damage. FluidOne appointed a single, dedicated Account Manager to oversee the entire process from pre-sales to implementation to go-live.

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The new network ensured the on-time opening of the new stores and has automated the supply chain, key for success in retail. While suppliers are based globally, all orders go through the UK so the VPN and MPLS are crucial. They ensure connectivity and create cost savings and efficiencies in stock control.

FluidOne worked closely with Australian telecommunications companies to give choice to the retailer and reduce costs while still delivering on a high-quality SLA. TM Lewin has access to a 24/7 network operations centre with onsite engineer support.


  • Australian stores connected to London HQ
  • MPLS inter store connectivity
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi


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