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Saville Group is better connected with MPLS and mobile plans from FluidOne

When you’ve made a name for yourself transforming the way your clients communicate and collaborate, who looks after your technology?

Client: Saville Group

Key products:

  • Multi-site connectivity MPLS
  • MobileFlex Platform


Saville Group are global, market leaders in audio visual, communication and collaboration. With heritage dating back to 1876, the Group have an illustrious history of harnessing the best of technology to transform business communication. Saville Group are proud to serve leading corporations, government departments, public sector bodies, hospitals and universities in the UK, and around the world.

However, with the audio-visual and events landscape changing regularly, and rapidly, it’s more important than ever that Saville Group remain at the forefront – leading, not following the revolution. To enable this, the Group needs an agile, innovative partner to provide a resilient multi-site connectivity solution, and a flexible business mobile plan, with world-class service and support.

With around 25% of our teams being office based, the majority of our people are out on the road. This means that we absolutely have to have a secure network solution that allows everyone to connect to our company network wherever they are. We also need a mobile data plan that enables us to manage our usage and spend, both for individual people, as well as for the whole Group.

Dave Potter, ICT Manager at Saville Group



Dave uses FluidOne for both multi-site connectivity and business mobile, stating, “FluidOne are second to none; their solutions and service really are excellent.”

Simon Dennis is the Group’s Key Account Manager at FluidOne, “We use MPLS and VPLS technology to deploy a wide area network that you can rely on. We’ve taken the quality of MPLS but wrapped a business-focused service around it to give you added peace of mind.We use over 30 different UK carriers to offer best-in-breed connectivity and provide market-leading hardware to all sites. All these services are brought back to our core network, where we provide industry-leading security alongside quality of service. This ensures your traffic and applications perform 24/7.”

“And our MobileFlex platform is designed to offer businesses choice, agility and contractual comfort. We help maximise your coverage, allowing you to meet commercial challenges by having access to any UK mobile network and switching when the need arises. Our solution for Saville Group means that they have a shared data pool, with an upper usage limit imposed per individual. This makes it cost-effective and flexible, whilst meeting the Group’s demands.”


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The Saville Audio Visual brand has propelled the industry through 50 years of innovation; the Group now operates globally through its brands (Visavvi and Sparq), helping businesses communicate, collaborate and prosper. The close relationships they build with their clients are central to everything they do, so it makes sense that they look for those relationships with their partners too.

Dave continues, “I can’t fault the service and support I get from Simon and the team at FluidOne; it’s outstanding. They proactively manage our account in a way that suits me. I get bespoke early warning alerts from Simon – for example, if a user is about to reach their data limit; so we can manage that user internally, before we incur any extra charges. This kind of management is invaluable to me; in my role I have access to various dashboards to monitor a number of things, and it’s refreshing to not to have to use another one to be honest! You can’t beat that personal touch when it comes to account management. They highlight any trends that they have noticed and offer suggestions on what actions could be taken in our quarterly account management meetings.”

“The fully managed MPLS makes my life so much easier – they manage our firewalls and firmware updates. They send notifications when the updates are due to happen, and it’s always outside of our core business hours, so there’s minimum disruption, and our network is up and running when our people need it.”


“Another nice thing they do is keep a track of all our requests for change; it’s like having an audit trail of who’s asked for what, and when they asked for it. It’s just one more detail that they take care of for me.”




Saville Group are committed to technological innovation and what it can achieve; their understanding of business communications technology allows them to generate client success. And with FluidOne as a partner, the Group are in a great position to continue doing this long into the future – after all, being better connected means better business, for everyone.


  • Proactive Account Management
  • Configure – Secure – Deploy
  • Enterprise Grade Helpdesk
  • Credibility



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