Revolution’s seamless MPLS expansion

Revolution needed a network solution that could accommodate its expansion whilst also facilitating seamless interaction between its country wide sites. FluidOne did not disappoint.

Client: Revolution

Key products:

  • Private Wide Area Network
  • Business Hosting


Revolution needed a private, secure connection between each of its bars – including all its tills – and a datacentre that houses all of Revolution’s business-critical systems, including its payment, sales analysis, promotion and automatic ordering systems. The system had to be completely robust and secure, as business confidential information would be passed over the connection every day.

FluidOne was recommended to John Leaver, Network Administrator for Inventive Leisure, by one of the company’s IT support partners, which also uses FluidOne: “A recommendation from someone you trust is worth a lot, particularly when your most important business systems are relying on it,” says Leaver.

Customer service is really important to us. Customer service is a real strength of FluidOne’s. You always get to speak to someone in IT support quickly, who is able to sort out any problems and answer queries.

John Leaver, Network Administrator



FluidOne provides an Internet connection from each Revolution bar – each supporting up to three computers and 20 tills. All systems are run through a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution, which provides a private and secure connection between the bars, Revolution’s head office and its data centre. Leaver finds that the MPLS is a more effective solution than the VPN he used previously through a different supplier: “We had real problems with the VPN. It was hard to troubleshoot problems, and the connection speeds were slower. The MPLS is completely private, and has much better connection speeds. This is strategically very important to the Revolution business.”

All Revolution’s till systems are online via the MPLS, and hold information including sales information and bar promotions. All sales and promotion information runs over the MPLS. For example, promotions might run during week nights, and stop for the peak weekend opening hours. That information is sent from a central system over the connection to the till, to ‘tell’ the till what price a drink is or what promotion is applicable at any given time. In turn, the till relays information to the data centre in real time, so head office can see what sales are being taken to the nearest minute. That information can then inform new promotions, which can be sent back down the same line into the till.

The MPLS also connects Revolution’s online ordering system and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. When a bar requires any stock, orders are placed using a MPLS based ordering system, and the EDI communicates that order to suppliers. All this is done over the FluidOne connection.


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“Customer service is really important to us,” says Leaver. “Customer service is a real strength of FluidOne’s. You always get to speak to someone in IT support quickly, who is able to sort out any problems and answer queries.”

“ FluidOne is very flexible in accommodating our needs. There have been a couple of occasions where ad hoc things – beyond the contracted service – have come up, and FluidOne has helped us. Most recently, Revolution ran out of rack space in its data centre and wanted to expand. The Centre we were using had been bought and wasn’t taking on any new business, so couldn’t provide any additional space. We talked to FluidOne, who gave us space in its own rack, which we’re still using today. That was above and beyond the call of duty, and most suppliers would have said no. The team is always very personable, helpful and accommodating.”

  • Seamless MPLS networking for a wide range of sites
  • Scalable network flexibility to allow expansion
  • Accommodated business hosting
  • Accessible, real-time troubleshooting
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service



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