Nudge Digital

Nudge Digital upgraded to avoid the afternoon slowdown.

Understanding the challenges

Nudge Digital is a leading digital marketing agency offering web design, web development and full SEO marketing services in Bristol, UK. It is a mix of entrepreneurial inspiration, quality creative, social media experts and the best developers.

Previously Nudge Digital was relying on a basic broadband solution but as it continued to grow it found that a basic connection was unable to meet its needs as a business. The company experienced frequent downtime and found that the Internet connection became increasingly slow as the day progressed.

All staff members needed continual Internet access as Nudge Digital works on its customers websites throughout the day so its connection had to be quick and consistent.

Communication is crucial between teams, with much of it being via email due to the sharing of tasks, art work, creative and web links. Nudge Digital needed a company that would ensure the provision of a constant, high-speed Internet connection, and so it approached FluidOne.

Our Solution

FluidOne assessed the needs of the business and recommended the implementation of a BURST line. The BURST connection used the same underlying technology as the existing basic ADSL 2+ broadband connection did. Although it crucially was provided with guarantees around levels of contention (5.1 contractually but in actuality more like 1.1) and with proper SLA’s around uptime. The improvements in the service delivered to Nudge are a testament to the saying that connectivity in isn’t all about ‘headline speeds’ what’s actually important to most businesses is consistency of speed and reliability of service.

“No matter where we are it is important that we can be connected – to our systems and our teams. The sales team especially are away from the office frequently but need to be able to update clients on timelines and progress with their workload no matter where they are. Previously the system was very buggy and we experienced slow down in the afternoons. Since FluidOne has upgraded the network with BURST we have seen significant efficiencies in our projects,” said Bella Organ, Digital Marketing Manager, Nudge Digital.

FluidOne Service

Nudge Digital is reliant on the Internet for all aspects of its work from research, development of content and creating designs, as well as for knowledge sharing. These daily activities have been made significantly easier with the BURST line from FluidOne.

Nudge Digital also has offices in Ghana and Dubai, so the new high-speed connection also enabled international teams to stay connected, allowing them to collaborate on projects more efficiently than before through online applications.

“The team is constantly sharing ideas and information so Internet is crucial as we continue to grow and deliver great services to our clients. While we like talking to each other with the technical side of our work unfortunately almost everything has to go through email. And when we do talk to each other face-to-face it is over a live chat facility so we can still be at our desks and connected to the Internet as we talk. FluidOne has made all of this easier, we don’t see the same slow down in the afternoon any more and are able to collaborate much more efficiently, all to the benefit of our clients,” continued Organ.

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