JMC sees improved ISP and network reliability

The Opportunity

JMC often finds itself being the first port of call for clients’ IT issues. For example, if a client’s email fails, they are as likely to call JMC, where they know they can get human support, as to their own ISP. JMC will then liaise with the ISP’s service teams to correct the problem.

If JMC was going to take ownership of any technical problems its clients face, it needs to work with a provider that is reliable and offers good service. As Isherwood says: “We need to work with a provider that we can speak to and sort out any issues, rather than being routed through a call centre. We also need a company with reliable services for businesses at an enterprise level, but which offered an affordable price for SMEs.

“We need a company we can rely on, as this is our reputation on the line. FluidOne was an obvious choice for us.”

The Solution

To provide its clients with the best service possible, JMC needed to find an ISP that was easy to work with. It turned to FluidOne, which provides dedicated Account Managers who are always available to help, and who care about providing a good service.

Isherwood says, “We needed a business grade service that didn’t get congested with domestic internet traffic. Ultimately, we chose FluidOne for having great products, such as its PWAN product, and for its service level agreements on which it consistently delivers. FluidOne offers a very high performing service, at an appropriate cost for our clients.”

The reliability of FluidOne’s service, combined with its transparency and clear communications, allowed JMC to give its own clients accurate timescales for the completion of new projects, and deliver on service level projects.

The Result

Isherwood says, “ FluidOne offers reliable products that deliver the best performance. It is a premium service, and it means we can provide our clients with a consistently strong and efficient service.”

Working with FluidOne has resulted in cost savings for JMC, but more importantly, it has enhanced JMC’s reputation for strong service provision. As Isherwood says, “Our reputation is judged by the service we deliver and how we deliver it. We have to offer the best solutions to our clients, which deliver on both reliability and performance. FluidOne allows us to do that.”

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