Extech is provided with a real alternative to Leased Lines by using FluidOne's PureFluid technology.

Understanding the challenges

As Richard Phillips, Engineering Manager of Extech says: “It is essential that the service we utilise is fast and reliable. Poor latency on DSL services has often hampered our ability to support customers remotely which heavily reduces our efficiency and essentially costs us money.”

In the past, the only realistic options for Extech when procuring connectivity were ADSL, VDSL and SDSL services. Richard says: “Our main concern was that of reliability for DSL based services. We closely considered leased line connectivity but these were prohibitively expensive to achieve the speeds we need. In addition, long term contractual commitments stifle our ability to grow and expand.”

Our Solution

Extech partnered with FluidOne to trial the bonded PureFluid product utilising PULSE, the one of the first companies to launch a bonded FTTC service in the UK. The service bonds two FTTC connections with a 3G backup, using the PureFluid technology, to give super-fast speeds (it has potential for a 200Mb/s download speed) as well as exceptional reliability.

Extech has found that the service provides low latency, and all the bandwidth and resilience it needs to support the business, all at price that is considerably lower than that of leased line. Richard says: “We are not constrained by transit limits and the service doesn’t require us to commit to the long contract terms you normally associate with a leased line. Setup costs are lower and financed over the term of the contract, which reduces our initial outlay.”

A further advantage of the service is the upstream bandwidth achieved with the service, which reduces the need for the Extech team to visit a site when they we need to move large volumes of data within short periods of time, thereby reducing travel costs.

FluidOne Service

Richard says: “Since installation, the service has delivered on promises. The service offers a real alternative to a leased line, particularly where fast reliable connectivity is required.”

FluidOne’s own network and support team means that the company is responsive and easy to deal with: “We’ve been frustrated in the past with third party suppliers who don’t respond quickly if there’s a fault. FluidOne’s team is easy to contact and fast to identify and solve any issues, which is really important to us,” says Richard. “The service we get from FluidOne is highly flexible, cost effective, fast and reliable. We recommend it without hesitation.”

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