The Church of England

Leased Line Solution

Understanding the challenges

For disaster recovery purposes, the National Church Institutions (NCIs) required a dedicated symmetric line at Bermondsey. It needed to provide external connectivity for business continuity purposes in the event of their Westminster site suffering disruption to the service.

Our Solution

To improve on reliability and meet the demand for a substantial network structure, FluidOne installed a 10 Mb/s fibre leased line. This provided the resiliency needed, whilst guaranteeing bandwidth and reliability.

FluidOne’s independent status meant that it was able to provide a dedicated fibre leased line that was competitively price and using an alternative fibre network to their other leased line. This ensured that in the event of an outage on their primary fibre network their disaster recovery connectivity would be undisturbed.

FluidOne Service

“When we decided to upgrade our disaster recovery site connection we approached three suppliers. We were impressed with FluidOne and coupled with their competitive solution, decided to partner with them.

The installation was smooth and on time. Since they installed the service in July 2007 we have had absolutely no problems or faults whatsoever. A good decision all round.”

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