CD Pool : G.Fast

FluidOne customer Rob Sawyer, Co-Founder of CD Pool, was one of the first to take the FluidOne G.FAST solution:

Formed in 1994, CD Pool changed the way that DJs received and played their music. Volume 1 contained a multi-genre line up that set the tone for the years to come. Over a hundred groundbreaking DJs subscribed to that very first CD, and thousands have followed in their wake.

“We’ve been working with FluidOne for over ten years, in fact, I believe we are one of their oldest clients. Our business relies on getting music to our DJ subscribers as quickly as possible. They have gigs where their crowds are expecting them to have the latest and biggest tracks in the best sonic quality, so we are uploading large quantities of music in data-hungry WAV formats to our servers.

Prior to upgrading to G.FAST the system actually worked pretty well. We had a fast Internet connection which we invested in some years prior, but after we started using G.FAST, the transfer speeds were pretty unbelievable. As with every business our most valuable commodity is time and G.FAST is creating time for us. That’s important now but later this year when our new website is launched it’s going to allow us to provide even more music and services which will be key for our future growth.”

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