Bridge Fibre

Bridge Fibre access new carriers and technologies

The Opportunity

Before using FluidOne, Bridge Fibre were already an established ISP, with a core network infrastructure, with their own diverse transit routing and RIPE allocation in order to maintain and control their connectivity solution for their clients.

Bridge Fibre found their previous single Tier-1 Ethernet provider was struggling to offer the kind of support and reliability that they required to offer to their clients. They also found that it wasn’t giving them the flexibility in offering different technology or giving the ability to access different carrier networks. Their connectivity services were a growing part of the company, and the clients were demanding a wider range of technologies as their projects became larger.

The requirement was to be able to access a number of carriers and technologies, without incurring the cost and integration time of connecting to each carrier separately. The levels of support from the provider also had to be more responsive and consultative than they had currently.

The Solution

Through accessing FluidOne’s Service Exchange Platform (SEP) Bridge Fibre were able to get this flexibility. Through a single interconnect at a FluidOne Point of Presence (PoP), Bridge Fibre were instantly able to access over 9 Ethernet carriers, delivered with the same SLAs and supported by FluidOne’s 24/7 NOC (Network Operations Centre).

Through an online portal they are able to instantly get quotes for sites in the UK, with speeds of up to 1Gb/s. The portal provides information on each carrier who can provide services in the area required, giving a choice of preference.

When a client requirement meant Bridge Fibre had to branch out to offer integrated ADSL backup services, FluidOne were able to assist with the setup of this ability on their network in a short space of time, and give them L2TP access directly to a number of DSL and FTTP carriers.

The Results

The communication was consistent through all steps and the install process was timely and effortless. By being able to process accurate and individual quotes, delivering services is now easier and more time efficient for staff. Staff can now concentrate on tasks that they prefer, rather than tedious duties. Having one point of contact for all carriers now saves time managing relationships and costs. Andrew Glover, CEO of Bridge Fibre mentions, “ FluidOne have helped us to expand our reach and competitiveness in a professional and efficient manner, and are friendly to work with.”

As active members of the Independent Networks Association (INCA), Bridge Fibre are advocates of increasing Internet speeds in hard-to-reach areas. Due to this access to connectivity technologies, Bridge Fibre have now been able to develop and deliver a Wireless ISP (Air Broadband) to provide high speed Internet connections to business and consumers in the Cambridgeshire area where traditional broadband speeds are low.

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