Axis Mason

Axis Mason uses FluidOne’s ADSL to fulfil high upload requirements

Axis Mason required fast uploads without the leased line price tag. When local SDSL exchanges weren’t found to be feasible solutions, FluidOne’s Business ADSL turned out to be exactly what was needed.

Client: Axis Mason

Key products:

  • Business ADSL
  • VOIP


Axis Mason approached FluidOne for SDSL connectivity to support their VoIP and data applications. Whilst SDSL was available at the local exchange they could not receive a service because of line length limitations.

FluidOne were therefore tasked with delivering an alternative solution, capable of meeting their performance requirements, without compromising on bandwidth or reliability and yet still falling within their budget.

We fell across FluidOne in our search for a provider and quickly found them helpful and responsive. We have benefited from the business ADSL solution provided as not only are transfer speeds really good but their overall level of service definitely exceeded our expectations.



Unable to receive SDSL, the obvious choice would have been a fibre leased line, but the cost projections for this exceeded the budget for the project. Only FluidOne’s Business ADSL service was able to fulfil all the requirements, offering the high upload Axis Mason expected from SDSL, a guaranteed contention ratio, 99.9% SLA and the added bonus of a significantly higher download capacity.

Axis Mason have also benefited from FluidOne’s unique web portal, which is included as standard with the service. They have found this to be an excellent resource, easy to use and offering complete visibility on their service, bandwidth usage graphs and tables, hourly checks on their sync rates and uptime monitoring with SMS and email alerts.

Business ADSL

Our business ADSL uses ADSL2+ technology to achieve download speeds of 20Mbps, whilst providing upload speeds of 2.6Mbps.

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“They say a provider is only as good as when there is a problem with the service. We have so far never had a problem, and with the SLA we feel we never will. Considering all the other connectivity issues there are, it’s one thing we feel we don’t have to worry about.

The next time we review our service, we know we will be coming back to FluidOne first.”

  • Online web portal for high transparency
  • High upload speeds
  • Cost effective ADSL solution
  • 24/7 engineer support
  • Reliable customer service
  • Guaranteed contention ratio



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