EU Roaming Regulation comes into effect

16 · JUN ·2017

From 15th June, mobile users travelling to areas in the EU will be able to use their minutes, texts or data without paying any extra charges. You will effectively be using your current contracts allowances abroad – avoid any bill shock at the end of the trip.

Roaming without paying surcharges is for those living in Europe and travel to other EU countries for leisure and/or work.

What does this mean?

You will not be charged for roaming when travelling to another EU country from 15th June. Every existing or new contract, that has roaming services, will change to a roam like at home contract. This covers data, minutes and SMS.

For example, if a person has unlimited calls and SMS in their home country, they will get unlimited calls and SMS when roaming abroad in the EU. It is worth checking with your provider when it comes to data, though. If you have unlimited data, your operator may apply a fair use policy on data whilst roaming. If this is the case then the operator much inform you in advance about such a limit and alert you when your reach this limit.

Roam Like at Home covers applies to all networks – if you would like more information about the new rules, please contact us and we’ll be happy to go through the changes with you.

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Posted by Dan Pope