Nabeil Samara

Boasting over 22 years in IT Managed Services, Nabeil is a seasoned IT expert that brings a wealth of experience to the FluidOne team. He started his career in telesales at a local Telecoms company before quickly moving into the IT sector. He successfully led an MBO at Wirebird, managed a new MSP division at Timico Technology Services, worked for Doherty Associates (MS Azure partner) and then Foundation IT before joining the team at FluidOne.

At FluidOne, Nabeil is responsible for extending the Managed IT Services catering to the modern workplace and guiding our clients towards world-class solutions. He plays a key role in driving FluidOne towards its vision to become the UK’s leading Connected Cloud Solutions provider.

Nabeil lives in Newbury, Berkshire, and is married with two daughters which keep him busy. He’s also a long-term sufferer of Arsenal football club, with a keen interest in cars and cooking.

H2 Brief: Commercial Director for IT Services
H4 Unlimited Words: January 2018
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