UCL develops Wi-Fi ‘spy’ device

Over the years internet connectivity has become an increasingly integral part of society – with its uses ranging from emails, voice calls and even heartbeat monitors in hospitals. So is it any surprise that seemingly impossible feats - such as seeing through brick walls via Wi-Fi - are no longer  far from reality?

Yes, it’s true. Engineers at University College...

10 · SEP ·20120

High Speeds 4G Mobile Network available in the UK from the end of next year

4G connectivity will be available to 98% of the UK by the end of 2013, it was revealed earlier this week.

The auction process for the frequencies has been protracted, but it’s now likely to come to a close at the beginning of next year; and the official rollout of the 4G network is expected to be completed by the...

30 · JUL ·20120

The Olympic technology legacy

With The Olympics now a tantalising 4 days away we discuss what kind of technological legacy the games might leave behind. The notion of an ‘Olympic legacy’ has become an increasingly important feature in the modern Olympics. Indeed any city seeking to host the games must build as convincing an argument as to how the positive influences of the games will...

23 · JUL ·20120

Wifi goes underground

Over the past few days a number of tube stations (including Kings Cross and Oxford Circus) across London have announced free Wifi access on their platforms. All it takes is a device which can connect to the internet and an email address to register with. It is expected that 80 underground stations will be able to provide the service in...

28 · JUN ·20120