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Leaked Report shows music industry’s global anti-piracy crisis

There has been much discussion in the media of late surrounding the enforced ISP blockade of torrent and file sharing websites such as Pirate Bay. Following this, Torrent Freak have recently published what they claim to be a leaked crisis report from the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) suggesting the music industry is arming itself for a full...

9 · AUG ·20120

Online privacy – big brother is watching

The coalition are considering passing legislation that would enable GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters) free reign to monitor every e-mail, text, phone call made and website accessed by the public at large.  As well as being made to store all electronic communication data of all customers for 1 year, ISP’s would be required to install boxes across their core networks, which...

3 · APR ·20120

Another dimension to disaster recovery (FD 3G)

Fluidata have expanded our product portfolio of late to reach outside the confines of the office, Fluidata are now offering 3G for your mobile working needs. Our new Remote 3G offering brings another dimension to disaster recovery and network control, enabling workers to communicate with each other within a centralised network without the tedious and unstable

13 · JUN ·20110

Time to review your security policy

We all know that social media is rapidly changing the way we live, work and play. In business, its power to interact with clients and prospects in a live, dynamic and more “off the cuff” manner is being embraced by everyone from the vibrant tech start up’s in Hoxton to your more traditional accountancy and legal firms. Social Media is fast...

2 · JUN ·20110

The cloud can do many things

Cloud computing is the current ‘buzzword’ in the industry, exciting in premise, but still in its infancy and awash with ambiguities. For some years we’ve been successfully delivering Layer-2 private wide area networks to our customers using our PWAN technology, and could see the progression from this to cloud-based environments. Our imminent...

3 · JUN ·20100

A Journey in Aggregation

As Network Manager at Fluidata, I’m often pulled into sales calls to provide technical consultation on the various products and services somebody may be considering purchasing from us. These calls can be quite eye opening, and in particular have given me an understanding of the reputation of certain services in the market place. One such thing I’ve learnt from this,...

15 · APR ·20100