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Is the Internet Code of Practice a good idea?

The topic of net neutrality has been hot in the press in recent years and more so in the past few; not only have there been legislations put in place to block illegal websites, such as pirate bay. But, last week saw the release of a new voluntary Open Internet Code of Practice (OICP); its presence is designed to tackle...

1 · AUG ·20120

100 Mb/s Britain. The emperor has no clothes

There has been much discussion recently about the best way of ensuring that 100 Mb/s of broadband can be delivered to two thirds of UK homes by 2017. When BT announced that it was working with OFCOM to facilitate this, the Conservative party announced that it would make BT break up and divert BBC license revenue to make it...

15 · MAR ·20100

UK Broadband slower than Romania

UK has dropped one place to 26th in global broadband race with an average download speed of 3.5Mbps according to the Akamai's ‘The State of the Internet (Q3-2009)’ report with Sweden in 5th place from European countries and South Korea sitting pretty as the fastest broadband in the world with an average speed of 14.8Mbps. Why such highly unflattering results then...

14 · FEB ·20100