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What about the telecoms?

Office relocations tend to be demanding tasks and for most companies involve a high degree of thought and planning. IT and Telecommunications are increasingly integral to business operations and no doubt form a substantial part of a companies moving checklist. However, from my experience at Fluidata, it seems relatively few investigate the access to internet connectivity they will have at...

28 · FEB ·20100

It’s not all about headline speeds

I recently handled an enquiry with a prospect whose VC system was being let down by its underlying internet connection. The connection in place was a cheap Annex-M (O2) solution, the problem an unsatisfactory upstream data transfer rate that was fluctuating between 0.8 Mb/s and 1.3 Mb/s and accompanied by high jitter. His incumbent provider had informed him that with...

8 · FEB ·20100

Fluidata connects Videopresence

Fluidata has recently embraced Video Conferencing technology by installing a life size, high definition video presence suite in our London office. The system, which of course runs over Fluidata connectivity lines, offers us the chance to conduct meetings with our various partners and direct clients across the country and beyond, quickly paying for itself in the process as we...

10 · AUG ·20090