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The future of TV is IPTV

IPTV first trailed in 1994, but despite the proliferation of broadband across the UK in the ensuing years, its market penetration has been minimal up till now. That’s not to say that home users aren’t using the internet for TV, on-demand streaming services such as iPlayer and SkyGo are testament to the fact they are. However, these services are what you...

22 · FEB ·20120

Is a WAN a fit with your business or are you forcing your business to fit in with your WAN?

Trends are prevalent in all industries, not least in IT where technology is perpetually subject to change and innovation. One of the trends we’ve witnessed over the last decade is the Managed WAN. WAN being an organisation’s Wider Area Network i.e allowing multiple users in multiple locations to communicate as if all part of one network. The WAN Network, particularly...

3 · OCT ·20110