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‘Twitter Crimes’ and freedom of speech on the internet

One of the many ways in which the internet has altered society is the platform it has provided us all upon which we can have ‘our say’. From consumers using twitter to complain about the poor customer service of their mobile phone provider, to the way in which citizens harnessed social media to topple repressive regimes during the Arab Spring,...

28 · AUG ·20130

All brand cars to be connected to the web by 2014

A recent BBC report has unveiled car manufactures plans to have all new vehicles connected to the web within the next few years. In fact Intel, which will invest £64million over the next five years in the 'connected cars' claims that is already the third fastest growing technological device after phones and tablets.

The introduction of smart technologies into vehicles...

15 · FEB ·20130

Was Twitter at the heart of the riots?

As the voracious interest to watch, understand and contextualise real time events increases, social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming the favoured source for live information. Many a time I’ve watched the twitter stream of an event or a story’s respective hash tag, hanging on every word like I’m in the middle of the action. Last week,...

15 · AUG ·20110

What are you up to?

Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Linkedin; social network sites are the biggest cultural phenomenon of the last decade. They are emblematic of the 21st century; neatly encapsulating the accelerated, on demand and narcissistic post global, digital world we now inhabit. If the internet by definition is about interconnecting networks, then these sites are the purest manifestation of its raison d'être. They...

12 · APR ·20100