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Is net streaming killing the TV Set?

A technology report by Accenture, based on television viewing and purchasing habits, has highlighted some interesting figures - emphasising the shift towards Internet based television streaming. Discussion of the swing towards ‘on demand’ television is by no means a new topic, but the speed of this change will come as a shock to many television makers and broadcasters. The report shows...

16 · JAN ·20120

Tablets to replace school books in South Korea

South Korea is on the verge of spending $2-billion on a vast digital scholastic network which will see tablet PC’s replace all paper textbooks. South Korea is widely regarded to be the most tech savvy nation in the world, and a recent study, by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation, found South Korean children to score higher than all other international counterparts...

25 · JUL ·20110

Time to review your security policy

We all know that social media is rapidly changing the way we live, work and play. In business, its power to interact with clients and prospects in a live, dynamic and more “off the cuff” manner is being embraced by everyone from the vibrant tech start up’s in Hoxton to your more traditional accountancy and legal firms. Social Media is fast...

2 · JUN ·20110