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7 GB is the amount of data used by British broadband users according to Ofcom

According to the most recent Ofcom research, we are seeing much heavier use of the Internet. Strange to think that only five years ago the majority of Britain’s would watch analogue TV, listen to analogue radios and buy or rent DVDs. Now it appears that we tune in to news websites (BBC, Sky), use cloud based music systems (iTunes, Spotify) and...

9 · NOV ·20110

Fluidata Olympic Countdown

282 days to go Seoul 1988 and the South Korean Telecommunications Revolution. Seoul ’88 is probably best remembered for Ben Johnson’s yellow eyed, steroid propelled, 100 metre dash to Olympic infamy. However a very different, but just as enduring legacy of the games is its role as a catalyst for South Korea’s emergence as a Technology Super Power. South Korea is one of...

19 · OCT ·20110

Tablets to replace school books in South Korea

South Korea is on the verge of spending $2-billion on a vast digital scholastic network which will see tablet PC’s replace all paper textbooks. South Korea is widely regarded to be the most tech savvy nation in the world, and a recent study, by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation, found South Korean children to score higher than all other international counterparts...

25 · JUL ·20110

Life, liberty and the pursuit of bandwidth

Ok, so I stole the title from an unrelated blog I read the other day; I thought it was rather funny, as well as apt for what I want to discuss. Over the last two decades the world has been gripped by the internet  revolution.  I would argue it’s become more disruptive in international development than the combustion engine, as  in...

6 · JUL ·20110