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Are you connected?

Technology and connectivity has rapidly become ingrained in our day-to-day lives. Looking around me on the crowded tube this morning, I would say 90% of my fellow commuters had headphones in listening to MP3s, or hunched over a smartphone flicking through Facebook or playing a game. Admittedly I did have to look up from my own smartphone to see them....

27 · MAR ·20140

Are you in need of a Digital Detox?

When we think of addiction we normally think of drugs, alcohol, gambling; age old vices that have and often in cohorts with one another, exercised a pernicious grip over millions of victims from the ordinary to the star-studded. But what about more modern addictions, 21st century addictions, ones which (not to play down the severity of them) just don’t sound...

1 · AUG ·20130

Time to review your security policy

We all know that social media is rapidly changing the way we live, work and play. In business, its power to interact with clients and prospects in a live, dynamic and more “off the cuff” manner is being embraced by everyone from the vibrant tech start up’s in Hoxton to your more traditional accountancy and legal firms. Social Media is fast...

2 · JUN ·20110