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Google to develop Trans-Pacific Cable Network

Not content with being one of the biggest search engines in the world, Google is branching out into new sectors including autonomous vehicles and Fibre Internet and TV services. Already, the company is offering their Fibre services to those that live in and around the Kansas area, however recent reports have shown that they are now looking to take on...

14 · AUG ·20140

Can rural communities rely on a BT roll-out?

It was recently announced that BT have won further contracts by local councils to be responsible for additional rural broadband roll-outs, beginning with Oxfordshire and Dorset early next year.

Through BT being awarded this latest contract, it has reduced hope of niche operators delivering stronger and faster services in the area, such as FTTP rather than FTTC to businesses and households....

3 · DEC ·20130

High Speeds 4G Mobile Network available in the UK from the end of next year

4G connectivity will be available to 98% of the UK by the end of 2013, it was revealed earlier this week.

The auction process for the frequencies has been protracted, but it’s now likely to come to a close at the beginning of next year; and the official rollout of the 4G network is expected to be completed by the...

30 · JUL ·20120