Fluidata Olympic Countdown

282 days to go Seoul 1988 and the South Korean Telecommunications Revolution. Seoul ’88 is probably best remembered for Ben Johnson’s yellow eyed, steroid propelled, 100 metre dash to Olympic infamy. However a very different, but just as enduring legacy of the games is its role as a catalyst for South Korea’s emergence as a Technology Super Power. South Korea is one of...

19 · OCT ·20110

Murdoch more interesting than tennis

The beginning of the month saw internet traffic jump by almost 70 per cent at times - due to the Wimbledon Quarter Finals. We can now report a similar, but greater, surge centred on the recent Culture, Media and Sport select committee hearings.

The Murdoch’s appearance at the committee on...

22 · JUL ·20110

Employees watch Wimbledon rather than work

It would appear that as with last year’s World Cup, employees are once again tuning into live sports action over their company internet connection. As you can see from this traffic graph we are seeing surges across the core network links as traffic peaks in the afternoon this week as people catch up on Wimbledon over...

1 · JUL ·20111