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Release of Apple iOS 7 Software Leads to Internet Surge across the Fluidata Network

A trend we’ve watched with some interest here at Fluidata over the last few years is the surges in traffic across our network during popular sporting events. The Olympics last year providing perhaps the best example.

Last week we witnessed another extreme spike in traffic but in this case as a consequence...

25 · SEP ·20130

2012 Year in Review

In many ways the late naughties and the early part of this decade (what are we calling this one by the way?) have been characterised by what’s wrong with this country: the recession, the riots, union strikes, press misdemeanours and expenses scandals. And while 2012 has not been bereft of such of problems, it has been punctuated by events –...

3 · JAN ·20130

No Distance Left to Run: Final Network stats and thoughts on London 2012

The flame now extinguished, the final race run, the games are all played out. There’s a wistful, melancholy feel to London right now; part deflated, yet still standing proud, like a flag flying half-mast - one mourning the end of the games, games that surprised us all. Because we all worried and fretted and moaned – about security, about chaos on...

16 · AUG ·20120

Olympic Update: Popularity of games pushes network traffic to new levels

At Fluidata we are always intrigued by the traffic surges we see on our business network during sporting events. We’ve been recording and sharing this information for a number of years now and knew that the Olympics was likely to take traffic levels on our network to an unprecedented level.

After we week one, we can now show just how...

6 · AUG ·20120

The Olympic technology legacy

With The Olympics now a tantalising 4 days away we discuss what kind of technological legacy the games might leave behind. The notion of an ‘Olympic legacy’ has become an increasingly important feature in the modern Olympics. Indeed any city seeking to host the games must build as convincing an argument as to how the positive influences of the games will...

23 · JUL ·20120

The Olympic Effect

Fluidata Olympic Countdown - 105 days to go. The Olympics is affecting business’s up and down the county in myriad ways; from those directly working on the planning and logistics, to London retailers likely to capitalise on increase in footfall. As a London based business, and a telecommunications provider, Fluidata are also witnessing many consequences of the games imminent arrival to...

13 · APR ·20120

Disruption to Fibre Orders in London

169 days to go Due to preparations for the Olympics this summer, Transport for London (TfL) are putting in place an embargo on all planned street work starting on 1st March 2012 that will prevent any road works on the key parts of the London Olympic Route Network (ORN).  Restrictions will continue to affect us until they are fully lifted on...

9 · FEB ·20120

Where will you be watching the 2012 Olympic games from?

The London Olympics 2012 is the next most exciting event since Common Wealth 2002. The games will open on 27th July at the Olympic parks and Village in Strafford and will run until the closing ceremony on 12th August. There will then be a two week transition period before the Paralympics Games open on 29th August running for 11 days....

23 · DEC ·20110

Fluidata Olympic countdown 242 days to go. Is your business prepared?

The Olympic Games will be an exciting time for our capital city, but with over 11 million spectators and athletes set to make our busy transport infrastructure even busier, how will businesses be affected? Londoners have been reassured that TFLS’s investment of £6.5 billion  into transport infrastructure enhancements, will make us better equipped to deal with the expected influx of traffic....

28 · NOV ·20110

Getting ready for the Olympics

260 days to go Ahead of next year’s Olympics and Paralympics the technological team behind the event have been in full preparation to make sure the technical operations and IT frameworks are ready to deliver real-time results for the games. A team of 450 have been busy testing and experimenting with the systems to ensure data processing is working at a high...

10 · NOV ·20110