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World Cup technology and what the tournament might mean for your network

The introduction of a goal-line decision system has hogged all the headlines about technology in this year’s tournament, but it’s just one of many technologies making their world cup debut. Of course it’s a rather belated entrance for goal line technology, which has been used in various forms across other sports for many years, so we’re not really hailing a...

13 · JUN ·20140

Sochi, the Data Games

This year’s Winter Olympics are harnessing Omega technology used in Formula One to transmit data directly from bobsleighs racing to the finish line, including information on speed, G-force and vertical track positioning. This utilisation of technology has made the 2014 Sochi Games the most technologically advanced Games in history. According to Peter Hurzeler of Omega these units were initially developed...

21 · FEB ·20140

Release of Apple iOS 7 Software Leads to Internet Surge across the Fluidata Network

A trend we’ve watched with some interest here at Fluidata over the last few years is the surges in traffic across our network during popular sporting events. The Olympics last year providing perhaps the best example.

Last week we witnessed another extreme spike in traffic but in this case as a consequence...

25 · SEP ·20130

Networks need to get faster to support BIM

Building and environment design is going through a period of change and at the heart of this change is Building Information Modelling (BIM). It is a system that is revolutionising the way in which projects are followed through, from initial plans through to implementation and life cycle of the structure. Wembley Stadium and the Swansea Bridge are just some landmark...

18 · MAY ·20120