Network upgrade complete

Fluidata are delighted to announce that we have completed a £2.5 million upgrade on our network on time and on budget. After months of work and planning, it’s fantastic to have concluded this project and we can now start to deliver the benefits of the new network to our clients.

What’s new?

Well the network now operates a hybrid core...

20 · DEC ·20120

Preparing Our Network for the Games

Olympic Countdown 95 days to go Resilience and capacity planning are at the heart of our core network design. Preparing for the 2012 Olympics has been a relatively straightforward process for us because the network has been inherently built to cope with huge volumes of traffic and failure scenarios. In many ways 2012 is a simple extension of the good practises we...

23 · APR ·20120

Is a WAN a fit with your business or are you forcing your business to fit in with your WAN?

Trends are prevalent in all industries, not least in IT where technology is perpetually subject to change and innovation. One of the trends we’ve witnessed over the last decade is the Managed WAN. WAN being an organisation’s Wider Area Network i.e allowing multiple users in multiple locations to communicate as if all part of one network. The WAN Network, particularly...

3 · OCT ·20110