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Are mobile networks our next weather stations?

Within the telecommunication industry we are aware of some of the external problems that can affect our last mile access networks. During my 16 years working in these circles, I’ve witnessed everything from DSL slowing down due to frost, to a wireless networks poor performance being blamed on the heat. Interestingly, it looks like researchers in the Netherlands have figured out...

4 · MAR ·20130

Mobile internet is growing, but why are we all not online?

A recent survey of internet access from the office of national statistics, has shown significant  increases in  internet usage within the UK. It’s calculated that 41.26 million UK adults use the internet, with the largest growth deriving from the 16-25 age group. Most prolific growth has been witnessed in mobile phone internet usage, an increase in 15% since 2010 means...

13 · SEP ·20110