The Church of England

For disaster recovery purposes, the National Church Institutions (NCIs) required a dedicated symmetric line at Bermondsey. It needed to provide external connectivity for business continuity purposes in the event of their Westminster site suffering disruption to the service.

10 · APR ·20150

Young Vic

The Young Vic is expanding as a result of a growing theatre industry. With a recent refurbishment and expansion to three theatres FluidOne was tasked with providing connectivity into their flagship site in London.

10 · MAR ·20150

Finding Your PULSE

In 2010 it was ground breaking to release a product which superseded all forms of ADSL with VDSL which offered a headline speed of up to 40Mb/s download. Roll on a few years, EFM, aggregation technologies and domestic FTTC (VDSL) products deliver businesses something that they haven’t had before – options. Headline speeds in the past have grabbed the...

1 · JUL ·20140

Preparing Our Network for the Games

Olympic Countdown 95 days to go Resilience and capacity planning are at the heart of our core network design. Preparing for the 2012 Olympics has been a relatively straightforward process for us because the network has been inherently built to cope with huge volumes of traffic and failure scenarios. In many ways 2012 is a simple extension of the good practises we...

23 · APR ·20120

Office closure over Christmas & New Year

We will be taking orders up until Friday the 23rd December 2011. After that day there will be no sales or provisioning department available, support however will continue as normal. The office will reopen on 3rd January 2012. In regards to our network freeze: Last day for core network configuration changes will be December 20th, this is in line with the industry...

2 · DEC ·20110