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4D technology to arrive at US cinemas

The announcement of impending 4D technology from the CJ group of Korea provides an interesting insight into the current changes in cinema technology and delivery. For most, 4D is understood as something experienced at a theme park, museum or a local planetarium. Distributing this on a mass scale to 200 American cinemas, however, could have interesting effects on the role...

19 · SEP ·20121

Could graphene take the internet speeds to hyper speed?

Scientists at Cambridge and Manchester University have found ways to use graphene to enhance internet speeds by up to hundred times the speed we currently consider ‘superfast’ broadband. Graphene is quickly becoming the ‘darling’ of the technological research and has further enhanced its reputation of being the material of the 21st century by adding ‘connectivity’ to its already sterling repertoire of...

1 · SEP ·20110