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HMV – Is this the vinyl attempt at regaining market share?

HMV re-entered the digital entertainment industry since going into administration earlier this year. Their new app is the first non iTunes based service on the IOS platform and will be going head-to-head against what is already an a highly monopolised micro-market. The app will integrate with iTunes (as well as Android phones), meaning the purchases made on the app will go...

22 · OCT ·20130

7 GB is the amount of data used by British broadband users according to Ofcom

According to the most recent Ofcom research, we are seeing much heavier use of the Internet. Strange to think that only five years ago the majority of Britain’s would watch analogue TV, listen to analogue radios and buy or rent DVDs. Now it appears that we tune in to news websites (BBC, Sky), use cloud based music systems (iTunes, Spotify) and...

9 · NOV ·20110