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512K Day; the day the global Internet broke under its own weight.

Tuesday 12th August, 2014, has been marked as “512KDay”, the day the global Internet broke under its own weight. The Internet has been growing at a vast rate and 512K routes have always been noted as a significant number of routes on the routing table. On Tuesday 12th August, 2014, the 512K mark was passed. Why 512K? 512K (or to be...

1 · SEP ·20140

Moving onto IPv6

Time is almost upon us for the addressing system of the Internet to almost be completely used up. I believe I have been saying this for the last 5 years, but it looks like in the next 12-24 months people are going to be brought to a halt. Thankfully most ISP’s have got more than enough IP ranges to cover...

11 · APR ·20140

RIPE soon to be issuing from the last ever IPv4 block

Fluidata received notice from RIPE on Tuesday that they now have just a /10 left before their last /8 of IPv4 addresses. What this means is, that at current allocation levels, there is about 1 months’ worth of IPv4 space left across Europe before RIPE have to start issuing from their last ever block. When that happens the regulations on new...

6 · SEP ·20120