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The future of TV is IPTV

IPTV first trailed in 1994, but despite the proliferation of broadband across the UK in the ensuing years, its market penetration has been minimal up till now. That’s not to say that home users aren’t using the internet for TV, on-demand streaming services such as iPlayer and SkyGo are testament to the fact they are. However, these services are what you...

22 · FEB ·20120

Where will you be watching the 2012 Olympic games from?

The London Olympics 2012 is the next most exciting event since Common Wealth 2002. The games will open on 27th July at the Olympic parks and Village in Strafford and will run until the closing ceremony on 12th August. There will then be a two week transition period before the Paralympics Games open on 29th August running for 11 days....

23 · DEC ·20110

UK business turns to the web for information

The internet looks to be the first port of call for most business workers during any major news event such as Wimbledon or Mr Murdoch, as previously reported. However nothing compares to riots and looting across the UK. With a 60% increase in traffic today compared to previous highs and over 50% of that being identified as BBC's IPlayer traffic. Today...

9 · AUG ·20110