Working on Air: Secure Cloud Computing

Since Apple’s iCloud was hacked and certain users’ personal information was leaked online a number of users and business owners have become concerned over the security of cloud based products. This is one of the reasons why Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was quick to claim that the hacks had not been system-wide and that users’ data was safe, however...

16 · SEP ·20140

Bitcoin: What is it and how does it interact with Networks?

What is Bitcoin? Some have summarised it as the first decentralised digital currency, others the most simplistic way for online transactions to be carried out. Then there are those that have gone so far as to claim that it’s the future of our financial platform to which we will purchase goods online.

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28 · AUG ·20140

Healthcare Providers targeted by Cyberattacks

Individuals and businesses tend to be the main targets of cyberattacks in the West, particularly those that hold data such as financial details which can be used by cybercriminals. However, recent reports have suggested that hackers are now targeting healthcare providers in the US, including Community Health Systems. (more…)...

21 · AUG ·20140

The Vulnerability of Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the most popular Internet browser in the world, however over the years it has lost a number of users to competitors such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not been able to keep up when it comes to plugins and features for Internet Explorer, and recent news has also suggested that it...

1 · AUG ·20140