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‘Virtualisation’ – The Ultimate Green Strategy?

Virtualisation is fast becoming the ‘got to have it’ technology across the globe. Seductive as a money saving initiative - through its capacity to reduce hardware, maintenance and administration costs (20% to 50% cost saving according to Gartner research) - it can also allow companies to take huge strides towards achieving another modern IT phenomenon: ‘Greener IT’. Its ‘Green credentials’...

25 · JUN ·20100

Wading through the ‘Green Wash’ to initiate innovation

Prior to my current post at Fluidata I worked for one of the UK’s leading environmental consultancies. Here I helped companies to assess and reduce their carbon emissions. Because of this I am often asked for advice on how to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and frequently the answer I give is to fully utilise our IT services. The fact...

5 · OCT ·20090