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‘Virtualisation’ – The Ultimate Green Strategy?

Virtualisation is fast becoming the ‘got to have it’ technology across the globe. Seductive as a money saving initiative - through its capacity to reduce hardware, maintenance and administration costs (20% to 50% cost saving according to Gartner research) - it can also allow companies to take huge strides towards achieving another modern IT phenomenon: ‘Greener IT’. Its ‘Green credentials’...

25 · JUN ·20100

What are you up to?

Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Linkedin; social network sites are the biggest cultural phenomenon of the last decade. They are emblematic of the 21st century; neatly encapsulating the accelerated, on demand and narcissistic post global, digital world we now inhabit. If the internet by definition is about interconnecting networks, then these sites are the purest manifestation of its raison d'être. They...

12 · APR ·20100

What about the telecoms?

Office relocations tend to be demanding tasks and for most companies involve a high degree of thought and planning. IT and Telecommunications are increasingly integral to business operations and no doubt form a substantial part of a companies moving checklist. However, from my experience at Fluidata, it seems relatively few investigate the access to internet connectivity they will have at...

28 · FEB ·20100