Plug pulled on French pre-curser to the Internet

A couple of months back Britains were saying a little tearful nostalgic goodbye to Ceefax and now the French are doing so similarly to another cute, pre- internet age innovation, rendered dated by the ubiquity of the world wide web.

The French Minitel system was essentially a very basic computer that allowed users to access text-based data over phone lines....

2 · JUL ·20120

Euro Football leads to increase in network traffic

As expected, Monday nights Euro 2012 football match between England and France led to a significant traffic surge across our network.

From 5pm onwards we generally see bandwidth on our graphing take a steady downward trajectory, instead we witnessed a steep increase at 5 pm followed by an even sharper decline at 7 pm when the game finished.

This is...

18 · JUN ·20120

VoIP is on the up

Recent research conducted by Point Tropic has revealed that global VoIP subscriptions shot up 15% during the last financial quarter. In the UK, VoIP subscription figures now stand just shy of the 3 million mark (statistics exclude Skype), placing us 10th on the list of highest subscribers. The US sit top of this list with 22 million VoIP subscriptions, but it’s...

16 · MAY ·20100