Businesses suffer internet loss during the day

According to reports yesterday over 5% (275,000) BT customers lost connectivity due to a power failure at a major BT exchange in the Birmingham area. Connections started to drop 13:00 and most residential customers began to see their services logging back on 15:00 onwards. However surprisingly it was business connections with higher SLAs and uptime assurances that had to wait even...

4 · OCT ·20110

The cloud can do many things

Cloud computing is the current ‘buzzword’ in the industry, exciting in premise, but still in its infancy and awash with ambiguities. For some years we’ve been successfully delivering Layer-2 private wide area networks to our customers using our PWAN technology, and could see the progression from this to cloud-based environments. Our imminent...

3 · JUN ·20100

More space being built

The Telefonica network which provides Fluidata with many of its flagship products such as BURST and Vox 2.0 is currently facing provisioning issues with a number of their exchanges.

As many of you will be aware Fluidata is now operating the wholesale channel on this network, as a result of increased demand through the channel, coupled with the continued success...

27 · DEC ·20090