War of the World Wide Web

Cyber War is, we are told, happening increasingly all around us. However it doesn’t normally (touch wood) affect the average man in the street, until last month that is when millions of ordinary Internet users were caught in an ugly crossfire between warring companies; suffering delays in services and disruption to access.

The target of what became the largest DDoS attack...

18 · APR ·20130

Preparing Our Network for the Games

Olympic Countdown 95 days to go Resilience and capacity planning are at the heart of our core network design. Preparing for the 2012 Olympics has been a relatively straightforward process for us because the network has been inherently built to cope with huge volumes of traffic and failure scenarios. In many ways 2012 is a simple extension of the good practises we...

23 · APR ·20120

The cloud can do many things

Cloud computing is the current ‘buzzword’ in the industry, exciting in premise, but still in its infancy and awash with ambiguities. For some years we’ve been successfully delivering Layer-2 private wide area networks to our customers using our PWAN technology, and could see the progression from this to cloud-based environments. Our imminent...

3 · JUN ·20100