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HMV – Is this the vinyl attempt at regaining market share?

HMV re-entered the digital entertainment industry since going into administration earlier this year. Their new app is the first non iTunes based service on the IOS platform and will be going head-to-head against what is already an a highly monopolised micro-market. The app will integrate with iTunes (as well as Android phones), meaning the purchases made on the app will go...

22 · OCT ·20130

Are you in need of a Digital Detox?

When we think of addiction we normally think of drugs, alcohol, gambling; age old vices that have and often in cohorts with one another, exercised a pernicious grip over millions of victims from the ordinary to the star-studded. But what about more modern addictions, 21st century addictions, ones which (not to play down the severity of them) just don’t sound...

1 · AUG ·20130

New Jay Z album provokes music industry to be in tune with the ‘Internet Age’

Via an innovative marketing stunt used to launch his new album, the American hip hop artist Jay Z, has re-written a 55 year old rule used for measuring album sales. The 43 year old rappers latest album Magna Carta The Holy Grail, was only officially released Thursday 4th July 2013. However prior to this Samsung purchased one million digital copies to...

9 · JUL ·20130