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Datacentre Algebra

If, like the vast majority of the population, you’ve never set foot inside a datacentre, then they may well be a bit of a mystery to you – large, nondescript buildings hosting the mystical cloud.

Of course you may have seen some photos of the interior of a facility, but if you have, in magazines like Wired or the Economist,...

28 · JAN ·20130

Superstorm Sandy impact on New York Internet Infrastructure

During last month’s Supertsorm Sandy, New York datacentres, like so much of the city’s infrastructure, felt the havoc wreaking power of the storm’s brutal force. Datacentres are built with natural disasters in mind and the storm gave DC providers an unwelcome opportunity to put their backup systems to the test; the success these companies had at dealing with such forces of...

21 · NOV ·20120

Online sales continue to prosper

Last year the UK continued to lead online sales in Europe as the European online retail sales grew 18 per cent and are predicted to grow 13 per cent this year, reaching €92 billion, according to a five-year forecast from Forrester Research. This figure, coupled with the statistic that 57 per cent of adults now shop online, demonstrates that a...

13 · APR ·20110

3 Centro secures ‘Secured By Design’ Award

Fluidata’s flagship datacentre has been awarded the much coveted UK Police Flagship ‘Secured by Design’ certification. The certification has the backing of The Home Office and recognises 3 Centro's focus on crime prevention at the design and the high standards of security it promotes overall. Features such as 3m security fences, blast proof windows, IRIS scanners and computer controlled motion...

22 · NOV ·20090

Prepare your business

I have recently been reading in magazines such as Computer Weekly about the importance of remote backup and disaster recovery (DR). According to a recent survey, one in three businesses does not undertake DR and remote backup as they believe it will significantly disrupt their revenue. What is more concerning is that should a disaster strike happen it could mean...

14 · SEP ·20090

Fluidata is expanding further into the hosting cloud

Network connectivity has always been our key focus, but with the emergence of a new class of data centres that are better equipped in supporting the very latest advances in technology, there are significant benefits to be had by customers consolidating their hosting and connectivity with one provider. As a result, Fluidata has a new dedicated datacentre in Hemel Hempstead that...

29 · JUN ·20090