Internet Censorship around the World

When it comes to Internet censorship there are generally two contrasting opinions: some believe that it is necessary in order to protect nations and stop individuals posting harmful material online, while others believe that the Internet should be open and that there should be little or no restrictions.

Governments in particular often have the first opinion when it...

8 · AUG ·20140

Policing the Internet

The Internet has become such a vital part of our lives it only seems right to have a system in place that monitors and controls crime in the same way we would offline.

Certain images may pop into one’s head when thinking of how the internet is policed. Pondering ‘cyber-crime fighters’; guarding against Trojan horses, spyware or any other sinister sounding...

5 · JUN ·20130

Tomorrow’s supermarket just round the corner

The biggest Chinese e-commerce retailer, Yihaodian, have announced their plans to launch 1,000 virtual supermarkets, with the first two opening in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These supermarkets do not actually stock any products and to the naked eye the shelves remain empty. Using augmented reality technology, shoppers will be able to use their smartphone to see pictures of available groceries (of...

12 · NOV ·20120

Leaked Report shows music industry’s global anti-piracy crisis

There has been much discussion in the media of late surrounding the enforced ISP blockade of torrent and file sharing websites such as Pirate Bay. Following this, Torrent Freak have recently published what they claim to be a leaked crisis report from the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) suggesting the music industry is arming itself for a full...

9 · AUG ·20120