Fluidata & One Point combine to create leading edge data connectivity services

Rigby Group has announced that its mobility specialist One Point and data delivery business Fluidata are to combine their services, creating an end-to-end connectivity offering poised to make a significant impact upon a UK marketplace where demand for data services continues to rise at an exponential rate. As FluidOne, the combined service will provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to a...

13 · OCT ·20160

Fluidata and Sky partner to bring new Ethernet solution to market

Business communications provider Fluidata and Sky’s newly created Sky division announce today that they have signed an agreement to offer a new high capacity Ethernet solution to businesses. Fluidata and Sky will work together to deliver the service to businesses up and down the country. The service will utilise Sky’s nationwide telecoms network and Fluidata’s extensive experience of bringing business communications...

15 · SEP ·20160


Landsec required a provider that was reliable and able to provide technical support 24hours, 7 days a week. Andy Broad, Head of Corporate Infrastructure Services at Landsec explained “We needed to alleviate risk wherever possible and our choice of network supplier was one risk that we can control. We needed a consistent level of service across all our sites and with...

9 · OCT ·20150

Bonded 4G

18 · MAR ·20151