Release of Apple iOS 7 Software Leads to Internet Surge across the Fluidata Network

A trend we’ve watched with some interest here at Fluidata over the last few years is the surges in traffic across our network during popular sporting events. The Olympics last year providing perhaps the best example.

Last week we witnessed another extreme spike in traffic but in this case as a consequence...

25 · SEP ·20130

Cyber Monday

Yesterday saw Britain spend an amazing £456million in just 24 hours. That is £19million an hour over the internet on Cyber Monday - the biggest online shopping day of the year. When looking at our customers’ usage we only saw an increase of 5% above normal with office staff logging in during their lunch break to shop online. This is not...

6 · DEC ·20110

Blackberry Outage

Millions of Blackberry owners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been left without services following a large server crash yesterday. The problem appears to have originated in a datacentre in Slough which handles Blackberry services for the affected regions. Unlike other smartphone services, BlackBerry phones rely on a centralised internet service provided...

11 · OCT ·20110