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It’s not all about headline speeds

I recently handled an enquiry with a prospect whose VC system was being let down by its underlying internet connection. The connection in place was a cheap Annex-M (O2) solution, the problem an unsatisfactory upstream data transfer rate that was fluctuating between 0.8 Mb/s and 1.3 Mb/s and accompanied by high jitter. His incumbent provider had informed him that with...

8 · FEB ·20100

Everything goes IP

The Internet has become an essential component of our working lives over the last 15 years. It’s hard to imagine communication without recourse to email, research without access to the web, even lunchtime without Facebook is becoming a distant memory. In recent years the internet has started to be harnessed for more wide ranging purposes; from file sharing and VPN access...

25 · OCT ·20090

Annex-M opens a world of opportunities

With the wide availability of Annex-M technology on the O2 network, new opportunities should be opening up to wholesalers. With bandwidth hungry technologies such as remote backup, database replication and FTP, high upload is a key factor in delivering these services to business. However, reliability is also a key requirement, and for the first time businesses can feel confident...

11 · OCT ·20090