Dial up finally unplugged

Earlier this week BT brought the curtain down on dial up internet; marking the end of the connectivity technology that many of us enjoyed our nascent furrows on the internet with.

The narrow band technology long since ceased being the preferred choice of internet access, and according to BT only a ‘tiny’ number of people (thought to be around 100,000) still...

6 · SEP ·20130

Summer release of 4G set to provide opportunity for retail, but smaller stores could suffer.

A study recently completed by retail analysts has suggested that the birth of 4G in the UK could have a major impact on retailers; with experts predicting it likely to increase retail spending by up to “£1.8 billion a year”.

The study has suggested that with the imminent widespread release of the technology resulting in faster and more reliable mobile connectivity,...

28 · MAR ·20130

BT entering a Niche to get a hearty slice of the 4G pie

At the end of a complex bidding process, the 4G auction has its victors and has raised £2.34bn for the public purse. About 90% less than the price paid at the 3G sale 13 years ago - at the height of the dot-com bubble. It's also more than £1bn short of what the chancellor...

27 · FEB ·20130

All brand cars to be connected to the web by 2014

A recent BBC report has unveiled car manufactures plans to have all new vehicles connected to the web within the next few years. In fact Intel, which will invest £64million over the next five years in the 'connected cars' claims that is already the third fastest growing technological device after phones and tablets.

The introduction of smart technologies into vehicles...

15 · FEB ·20130

2012 Year in Review

In many ways the late naughties and the early part of this decade (what are we calling this one by the way?) have been characterised by what’s wrong with this country: the recession, the riots, union strikes, press misdemeanours and expenses scandals. And while 2012 has not been bereft of such of problems, it has been punctuated by events –...

3 · JAN ·20130

High Speeds 4G Mobile Network available in the UK from the end of next year

4G connectivity will be available to 98% of the UK by the end of 2013, it was revealed earlier this week.

The auction process for the frequencies has been protracted, but it’s now likely to come to a close at the beginning of next year; and the official rollout of the 4G network is expected to be completed by the...

30 · JUL ·20120

Wifi goes underground

Over the past few days a number of tube stations (including Kings Cross and Oxford Circus) across London have announced free Wifi access on their platforms. All it takes is a device which can connect to the internet and an email address to register with. It is expected that 80 underground stations will be able to provide the service in...

28 · JUN ·20120

The business case for 4G

16 · JAN ·20120

SMEs using domestic broadband lose out!

It is a message that our Account Managers try to communicate every day! This week has seen a revival of the campaign against domestic broadband in the workplace. New figures suggest that SMEs using domestic broadband may appear to be making savings, but ends up costing British firms £357m in lost labour and 32.4 million hours per month of staff...

30 · MAR ·20110