Hacking and security, are you prepared for 2014?

It was mentioned last year was the worst year for data security being hacked. Is it true? The American Online Trust Alliance announced they estimated that over 740 million online records were exposed in 2013.

Firstly consider Adobe, 150 million exposed account credentials were exposed, leading to secondary breaches all over the Internet. In an official statement, research revealed that more...

5 · FEB ·20140

Fluidata wins at the ITC Enterprise Awards

Fluidata, the premium data communications company, has won the Judges’ award at the 2013 Information Technologists Company (ITC) Enterprise Awards, billed as the ‘Oscars of the UK technology industry’.

The judges award is given to the entrant that, in the judges’ view, has demonstrated the ability to succeed, continue revenue growth, attract investment, innovate, and show clear leadership. Fluidata was chosen...

13 · JUN ·20130