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Have you noticed bandwidth issues working from home?

Does your lack of connectivity slow down applications and impact your ability to work?

Does it affect the quality of your video calls?

Are you struggling to hear people on voice calls made on your computer?


With a temporary pause on the installation of all new Home Broadband lines, FluidOne has the only option for you, designed to keep UK businesses connected.

       Take advantage of:

  • Unlimited 4G broadband
  • Unlimited UK calls and SMS’
  • 3 months contracts available
  • From just £18.50 per month




As many of you may know, due to the social distancing measures that have been put in place by the Government, Openreach has had to put a hold on new installations and orders for Broadband lines.
This has left a number of people relying on hot-spotting from their mobile phones to get an uninterrupted connection, but this can prove incredibly expensive if you don’t have the right data packages and as such, isn’t a reliable long term solution.
FluidOne is here to provide the only practical alternative to fixed connectivity, a 4G mobile broadband solution that offers your home workers unlimited voice and data connectivity at a fixed cost!

FluidOne's Platform One blends 30+ carriers
Sky Vodafone TalkTalk BT Juniper Cisco EE O2 3

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Unlimited 4G broadband

Unlimited UK calls and SMS

3 months contracts

Speeds up to 90 mbs


O2 Unlimited* – £18.50

Vodafone Unlimited – £24.00


Nokia 3.2 – £95.00

Samsung A10 – £121.00

3 Month Contracts Available

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Why you need FluidOne

Our choice of carriers and providers gives you any level of resilience you could need. In a time like this when your connectivity is more critical than ever, we’re the network you can trust.

Number One for Network Quality

Our core network has never failed, we can provide you any level of resilience you could need. When connectivity is mission-critical, rely on FluidOne.

Number One for Service

We have the highest rated Net Promotor Score (NPS) of any network provider and continuously work to maintain it by listening to our customers.

Number One for Expertise

Whether you have network planners in-house or no technical capability to call on, you’ll get the best advice and best practice to fit your needs.

First for network quality

Our core network has never failed, we can provide you any level of resilience you could need

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