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20 · FEB ·2017

My girlfriend brought home a new DVD last week and naturally I was somewhat disgusted. What was she thinking?

“Have we gone back in time?” I shouted: ‘Are McFly still famous?’ I bellowed.

Well we hadn’t and they weren’t. Thank god for that. So what was really at play here? Perhaps she was a secret hipster deciding to out herself by bringing home such ancient technology and subsequently demonstrating the required irony.

“Dan” she said as I began to go through my relationship ending checklist: “it’s your favourite show, it’s season 6 of The Walking Dead”.

“How curious” I said twirling my invisible moustache: “how curious indeed”.

On one hand we were in a strict cloud only relationship and as per the relationship terms should not have any on-premise entertainment infrastructure.

The unnecessary matter alone would take up more space and require more maintenance that I’m used to and don’t even get me started on repairing. If it got damaged I would most likely have to buy a new copy or lose it altogether. It’s not like I could call a support line or roll back to an old version; this method of consuming content seemed most peculiar indeed and quite frankly a waste of space.

The Eugene in me decided to take a scientific approach to answering my problem. I calculated the volume of my apartment by measuring its length, width and height by multiplying the length by the width and then the height.

Bingo. My theory checked out. According to science, I could only fit 20,000 DVD’s or 5,000 box sets in my apartment BUT by using Netflix’s hosted platform space really wasn’t an issue. I could watch as much as I wanted for as long as I wanted without ever having to worry about anything again. New episodes were automatically added to the service each week and I could watch wherever I had an internet connection. Watch from home? No problem. Walking Dead marathon at work (on lunch), easy breezy! Daryl on the train, it’s happening yo!

If my friends and I want to watch something at the same time then that is also no problem. Concurrent watching allows many users to watch at the same time depending on which package you have. Ah Netflix, take my money already!

So why would anybody still use DVD’s I wonder? Just seeing the disk in front of me now offers some comfort. I see therefore I am… confident. If I can see something then I am more likely to trust it. It’s probably why I have never been cat fished. There are also a bunch of great special features that are exclusive to the disk that I can’t get anywhere else (definition of exclusive). For example -

“Dan! Please get back on track with your Introduction to Unified Communications lecture!”

Ah yes where was I? To conclude, sticking with a traditional phone system isn’t such a bad idea – in the short term. You know it’s going to work fine and you can trust that it’s going to be reliable.

However your long-term outlook should look to incorporate a unified communications strategy that flows across your entire business. This will give you more space, save you more money and be more secure and, perhaps most importantly, will grow as you do.

In reality there are a lot of reasons to stay put but comparing the two is similar to comparing Blu-ray to DVD or even DVD to VHS. These were all great technologies in their own time but it’s time to move on. After all, it’s not like anyone would ever be caught dead with a 3310.

Oh wait...

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Sanita Karra

Posted by Sanita Karra