Land Securities

Land Securities needed a supplier that offered reliable connectivity alongside truly world-class support.

The Opportunity

As a FTSE 100 company, Land Securities needed a supplier that was reliable, not only in the network it provided but also in the support it provided. “We needed to alleviate risk wherever possible and our choice of network supplier was one risk that we can control. We needed a consistent level of service across all our sites and with a company where our Account Manager wasn’t going to change at every step of implementation,” said Andy Broad.

The Solution

A partner of Land Securities recommended FluidOne, which was then chosen following a competitive pitch. FluidOne installed a Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) to incorporate all sites and ensure consistent speeds and access no matter where staff are based.

Broad continued, “We previously had an inconsistent mix of products for our WAN, which led to technology and admin problems. This made it challenging to provide a good and consistent service to customers.”

The PWAN delivered by FluidOne meant that Land Securities no longer had to rely on VPNs to connect to the network. It also provided a higher level of SLA to compensate for any downtime and a flexible contract to meet all of Land Securities’ needs.

The Results

The PWAN was rolled-out to support 40 sites, and there were no significant problems encountered by staff during the implementation process. All sites now rely on FluidOne to enable them to access everything on the Internet, the Intranet, and to manage email communications. Network reliability is critical to the smooth running of Land Securities’ internal operations and these changes have had a positive impact on the business.

Land Securities uses a virtual desktop solution and the implementation of the PWAN from FluidOne has meant that it can be used more effectively as staff move between sites.

We now have a central point of contact in FluidOne so we don’t have to spend as much time dealing with issues and multiple suppliers. As a result of working with FluidOne we have seen upgraded network speeds and most importantly we have reduced the calls from employees who are struggling with connection issues,” said Broad.

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